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Choosing Theater Seating

After we finally set up an at-home theater, I realized that we needed to figure out a great way to provide seating to our guests. I didn't like the idea of simply installing a few sofas in the space, so I started looking around for better seating options. I tried out different types of seating, and I ultimately settled on some really comfortable leather seating. It was amazing to see what a big difference it made after it was installed. This entire blog is all about updating your at-home theater and choosing better seating. This simple upgrade will make your home theater the talk of the town.


Choosing Theater Seating

3 Travel Tips to Take From Stand up Documentaries

Julie Reynolds

A stand-up documentary takes a peek behind the curtain and provides a lot more than just the final comedy show you see on stage. One big element for any stand-up performer is the travel a comedian must do to perform shows all over the United States. Even if you do not plan on becoming a stand-up comedian yourself, you can learn some travel tips along the way.

Check out some of the most important tips and what to look for when you watch comedians in documentaries.

1. Make the Most Out of Downtime

Traveling in the air or on the road includes a lot of downtime. Comedians have learned how to make the most out of the downtime as they work on jokes and make progress on side projects. As you plan your travels, find ways to make the most out of downtime. The tasks could be a creative project you want to plan out or something simple like reading a book.

When you have activities planned, the extra times and delays will not feel like such a hassle. Comedians learn how to block out the noise and focus on the task at hand. Watch to see how they get the work done and take advantage of key travel moments.

2. Sleep Management

Comedians live a hectic schedule that includes late-night shows, multiple shows in a row, and large distances to travel. As you watch a documentary, take note of how a comedian finds places to nap, rest, and meditate. If you travel with a poor sleep schedule, you may spoil elements of your vacation due to a lack of sleep.

Watch for little details like travel accessories that help a comedian sleep. For example, a comedian may rely on a neck pillow or blanket to sleep comfortably through long periods of travel.

3. Cope With Sudden Changes

Traveling involves a lot of uncertainty as weather, airplane conditions, and technology all can create travel problems. A comedian will often have to deal with those travel issues and think on their feet to make it to the next show. Watch them make arrangements and go through backup plans. The stress of a tight schedule can lead to a lot of travel changes.

No matter where you travel to, you can implement the same tips and learn how to cope when your set plans are just tossed out the window. Look beyond the laughs to see the little details in a stand-up comedy documentary and you will end up using these tips every time you travel.