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Choosing Theater Seating

After we finally set up an at-home theater, I realized that we needed to figure out a great way to provide seating to our guests. I didn't like the idea of simply installing a few sofas in the space, so I started looking around for better seating options. I tried out different types of seating, and I ultimately settled on some really comfortable leather seating. It was amazing to see what a big difference it made after it was installed. This entire blog is all about updating your at-home theater and choosing better seating. This simple upgrade will make your home theater the talk of the town.


Choosing Theater Seating

Choosing A Good Venue For Your Tribute Band To Perform

Julie Reynolds

If you are in a tribute band, booking venues may occupy a lot of your time. You're unlikely to book the big, top venues and stadiums that attract the most popular bands. And yet you're probably too good to be playing at the local bar on a Thursday night. How do you go about selecting venues that attract a good crowd that will appreciate your music? Here are a few top tips.

Look at the bands the venue has hosted in the past few months. 

When you come across a venue that is booking bands, look at their schedule from the past few months. Take the time to research some of the bands. If you see that any of them are also tribute bands or even bands that play a lot of tribute music, that's a good sign. If a venue has already booked tribute bands, they likely attract a crowd that likes that sort of thing, and they're more likely to be amenable to your band too.

Consider the age of the audience.

Some venues attract a very young crowd. They're not likely to be the best for a tribute band; most people are probably too young to know the music you're playing. Other venues attract a more mature crowd. Those are the venues you want to book. To tell what age range a venue tends to attract, consider stopping by for one of their shows. Take a look around and ask yourself if the current audience looks like your audience, age-wise. You could also just ask a representative of the venue what the typical age range of their attendees is.

See what equipment they have.

Make sure you ask the venues what kind of equipment they have. If they provide amps, speakers, and so forth, you need to make sure they are compatible with your own instruments and equipment. Sometimes venues that only host really modern bands won't have the things that more vintage, tribute-style bands require. If possible, do a "dress rehearsal" before your show. You can hook everything up and make sure it works before you take the actual stage to perform.

Playing in a tribute band is a ton of fun, but finding a venue to host this type of band is not always easy. Use the tips above to guide you, and when you do find a good venue, stick with it.

Contact a local tribute band performance venue to learn more.